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Getting Rid of PMDD With Meditation?

Getting Rid of PMDD
Headpone Meditation image by Illusive-Mind.com

There are many alternative therapies for various conditions and one that comes up over and over again for psychological disorder si meditation. Is getting rid of PMDD with meditation a possibility though? Or is this just a new age placebo that brings no real lasting benefit to women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder?

Well if you have read any of my other posts on this site you will know my opinion on relying on just one method of getting rid of any condition. That it is impossible to approach any problem with one technique, remedy, drug or anything else – your body and mind require a holistic and multifaceted approach. So really what we want to know is if meditation is of benefit to this natural, holistic healing approach for PMDD?

Well lets look at what meditation is first. Some people think it is a spiritual thing and it is a part of many religions so this idea often puts people off, or gives them the wrong impression. Meditation can be used that way if you are inclined, but what it really is, is a way to improve your brains activities that have a psychological effect, and also a physical effect on your body.

Studies such as that by Jon Kabat-Zinn, M.D., and Zindel Segal, Ph.D. have shown that it lowers cortisol in your body caused by stress (which I covered in this post), improves memory function, and stop depression relapses among many benefits. This sort of scientific scrutiny shows that meditation which may have started as a mystics way of achieving calm is actually rooted in real science of the body and mind.

PMDD Diagnostic TestSo getting rid of PMDD with meditation is a possibility. It is not the only thing you need to do, but it can play a very important part of stress reduction, hormonal balancing and improving mood. Even when you are not in the last week of your menstrual cycle meditation will be a helpful part of staying healthy and happy as well!

For an easy way to meditate to get rid of PMDD, I recommend this site here: deep-zen. It can guide you through the process for beginners and make it easy with some very special scientifically designed meditation MP3s as well so check it out.

More Natural Remedies for PMDD

Natural Remedies for PMDD
Natural Remedies for PMDD

My last post on PMDD natural remedies was a little short I have to say, I have been a little busy recently so wanted to make this follow up post giving some more natural remedies for PMDD that you can start using to really make inroad into curing PMDD. Again, I stress that there is no one remedy for PMDD that will solve the entire problem, it takes a concerted effort using a number of different options that will impact on your internal healing processes to bring about lasting change.

That being said, I wanted to focus on two very important parts of treating PMDD naturally: Stress and Sleep.


Stress is a major problem to everyone’s health not just PMDD sufferers. It is akin to a modern disease if you ask me, something that insidiously infects our life and plays havoc with all of our internal systems. Stress I believe is very high because life is so fast, so involved, and so varied compared to a long time ago. Sure, we have a lot of things that have relieved pressure from our lives, but I also think we are worse at DEALING with stress these days as well.

There are many problems that stress causes. It can lead to dangerous behaviours like drinking too much alcohol, or sometimes drinking too much coffee, or smoking too (if you are smoking – please, please, PLEASE quit smoking for your health!! I am begging you). All these things mess up your internal systems and especially your hormonal state.

Stress itself is actually not a BAD thing in small amounts for short periods. It gets us motivated and gives us a burst of adrenalin and energy which is caused by the release of a hormone called cortisol. The problem with this is that over a long period of stress this hormone keeps being released. It clogs your body with too many hormones which inhibit other hormonal processes leading to the symptoms of PMDD. Too much stress also lowers your immune system making your body less able to deal with illness and internal cleansing. It is bad news!

Lowering your stress level is therefore one of the most important natural remedies for PMDD you can possibly do!


PMDD Diagnostic TestThis is another problem for women with PMDD. Some get too much sleep, others get way too little. Your sleep cycle can often get messed up leaving you tired, lethargic and out of sorts. This happens any time you are out of your usual rhythms of sleep, but then you combine this with other PMDD symptoms you can see how it make the whole situation a heck of a lot worse!

Your aim should be to normalise sleep. Get a sleeping routine going by hitting the hay at the same time every night. Also make sure there are no distractions when going to sleep – complete lack of light, noise and movement that could distract you is essential. Finding your regular sleeping patterns will give you more energy and allow the bodies healing functions to work better to fix the hormonal imbalances as well!