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Help for Severe PMDD

If you are suffering from a very bad case of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder then getting immediate help for severe PMDD will be high on your list of priorities. It should probably be the highest on this really because if sever PMS is PMDD – then sever PMDD is crippling to the point of incapacitation.

Very few women suffer this badly all the time but sometimes PMDD can get so bad as to drive some women to have suicidal thoughts, or to physically assault a loved one, or to become clinically depressed to the point they cannot even get out of bed. Some women feel that they are actually going insane when PMDD get so totally out of control they feel like their usually rational choices

At times like this I would advocate that perhaps some medication might be in order – but only if physical harm is going to be done to yourself or to others. Drugs will never get rid of PMDD but that can be helpful for severe PMDD that gets out of control. I would never advocate continual usage of medication for PMDD though because this becomes a dependence on the drug and will never cure PMDD, just make you feel it a little less while causing many more side effects.

There are some more natural remedies for PMDD that can help with reducing the severity of very bad PMDD though. Consider these options …

  • PMDD Diagnostic TestMagnesium Supplements– This supplement taken daily can help to boost your mood, improve the quality of your sleep and rest, give relief to cramping and pain, and is has even been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Be aware of how much magnesium you already consume from food as well because too much magnesium can cause adverse effects such as diarrhoea and abdominal cramping. Extreme cases can cause kidney problems. See a nutritionist or doctor if you are worried about this but small supplementing can help.
  • Chasteberry Herbal Supplement – Otherwise Known as monk’s pepper, this herb is very recommended to help treatment of PMDD. Many symptoms of PMDD can be helped with this substance which is not too well understood. It has been shown however to help get rid of irritability, headaches, and mood swings.
  • Tryptophan– L-tryptophan is also known the stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy. It has been found to be very good for PMDD sufferers. In fact, it is one of the most often recommended supplements for PMDD help. It is shown to help reduce both severe physical and emotional symptoms associated with the condition.

What Is PMDD & Should You Be Worried If You Have It?

If you want to know what is PMDD, then you have probably got some idea of this condition aleady as this disorder is not as well known as it perhaps should be. Perhaps you have an inkling of some of the symptoms and see these things in yourself, or in loved ones and want to be more informed about what to expect, and what you can also do about it! Whatever your situation is, this blog is here to answer some of these questions and to start with you need to know the basics of what PMDD is!

PMDD stands for PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder which is quite a mouthful to say and can be a little confusing. We all know what premenstrual is, and what a disorder is, but what does dysphoric mean? That was the first question I had when researching this condition.

Dysphoric – An emotional state characterized by anxiety, depression, or unease.

This is the key point in PMDD, it is a disorder characterised by a set of emotional reactions during the premenstrual phase. There are many other symptoms of PMDD but when it is being classified it comes down to the psycholgical/emotional state that you entr during this period (and you must recover from this state once you start bleeding too).

One way to look at this is as a form of extremely bad PMS/PMT. I do not like to class it as such without explaining this though because just saying it is bad PMS diminishes just how dangerous and hurtful PMDD really is.

Think the difference between feeling sad and down – compared to clinical depression where you can hardly even get out of bed or eat. THAT is the sort of major difference between these menstrual problems are. However they are linked because many of the symptoms are the same, just elevated, and have more impact on your life with PMDD.

What this all adds up to is that PMDD is a disorder that happens in the last week of your menstrual cycle. This disorder is characterised by serious mood swings, depression, anxiety, feeligns of unease and even of absolute rage and anger too. There are also phsyical symptoms of cramping, lack of appetite or food cravings and many other things. These symptoms all fade very quickly once you start bleeding as your body and mind return to normal.

PMDD Diagnostic TestIf you suffer from PMDD then one week out of every month becomes a nightmare for yourself and those close to you and for the most part I bet you do not really know why. The base cause of this disorder is a jumble of different horm,onal problems all caused by the changes in your body before your period. TYhis is then made worse by a number of other factors in your life that have hormonal effects. The knowck on effects of this hormonal imbalance cause all of these symptoms and completely screw up the mood balancing chemicals in your brain.

So if you think this is you, or soemone you know – it is not just PMS, it is a much worse disorder that can be life wrecking.