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Natural Cure for PMDD – What NOT To Do!

Natural Cure for PMDD
Natural Cure for PMDD

On this site I try to focus a lot on what you need to do to have a natural cure for PMDD. However, even if you do these things you can still sabotage your efforts to cure PMDD by continuing to follow some very bad habits and practices that will counteract the good things you do and keep this condition in your life for a lot longer. As such here is a list of some things you really should avoid when trying to treat PMDD.

1. Use Drugs – As you might know if you are following this blog I detest medications that claim to cure PMDD because they never do. Drugs will mask the symptoms of PMDD making it a bit easier to function, but they will never stop PMDD for good. I also dislike them because people often become addicted to these drugs thinking they are the only way to stop their misery. If you get away from medication and start following a natural holistic PMDD cure then you will see and feel the results without dulling them with drugs.

2. Over-Exert Yourself – Sometimes we head into a healthy living phase with every good intention in the world, and are so gung ho in our applications of newfound healthy discoveries that we over exert ourselves. Sometimes he exercise too hard and injure ourselves or burn out. Sometimes we might make our diet so restrictive we cannot bear it. Sometimes we just try to do too much all at once and the whole thing collapses upon the weight of itself. So do not do this, be measured and thoughtful and you will achieve your goals.

PMDD Diagnostic Test3. Start Without a Plan – Akin to the above point but even more telling in the long term. If you fail to plan you plan to fail as a wise person once said. Without clearly defined goals you will head into this natural cure for PMDD without anyway of staying motivated, and hitting the goals you need to achieve. This takes planning and if you do not do this you will not last the distance I am sorry to say.

4. Give Up – Never give up. Never EVER give up! Do you know what the difference between someone who succeeds at anything and those that fail? It is not brilliance and intellect, it is not money or power, and it is not luck either. What makes anyone succeed at anything including curing PMDD or any other disorder is persistence. It does not matter how many times you fail, if you eventually succeed you win, and will keep on winning. Try and try again and adjust as needed and you will end PMDD I guarantee it!