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A Proven Treatment for PMDD

treatment for pmdd
Treating PMDD Naturally?

I mentioned in the prior post a very helpful guide on all aspects of treating PMDD and wanted to make mention of this again. This book is an excellent guide to getting rid of PMDD because its plan of treatment for PMDD follows the same ideas I promote in this blog, but goes into a lot more detail. This guide is called the PMDD Treatment Miracle and I have decided to make it the primary resource to link to for people looking to end their Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

If you are looking for the PMDD Treatment Miracle site itself, click here

The reason I chose this as recommended reading comes down to three main points that all fit my criteria for something worth reading, and following.

1. Advocates all natural methods in a holistic, multi faceted fashion, and does not condone the usage of medication.
2. Is well written, in a step-by-step manner without overly flowery words, or overly complicated explanations. It tells you what to do, why you should be doing it, and how to do it for each aspect of a treatment for PMDD.
3. Has proof that it works through many believable testimonials on the site.

If You Do Not Apply These Treatment For PMDD Methods Properly, They Will Not Work!

But everything in this guide mirrors what I have been saying for many years and goes a lot further as well. I know these things work because I suffered from a range of menstrual related conditions including severe PMS for many years as well as ovarian cysts and I believe other conditions that all related to the same core hormonal imbalances. My sister had PCOS which has similar root causes but different genetic base reasons than PMDD and she too followed very similar advice to what this guide on Treatments for PMDD detail. I know it works, I have felt it, and so has my sister, and so have many of our friends and people I have spoken with online while giving advice.

I am not saying it will be everyone’s perfect solution to Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, but I am saying that the advice is good, it presents it very well, and it is rooted in science instead of mystic new age clap-trap. So if you like the advice I give here on treatments for PMDD and find it helpful, and you want a complete step-by-step road-map to curing PMDD for good, please take a look at this e-book as it just may be what you need…

Visit the Official PMDD Treatment Miracle Site Here

Natural Cure for PMDD – What NOT To Do!

Natural Cure for PMDD
Natural Cure for PMDD

On this site I try to focus a lot on what you need to do to have a natural cure for PMDD. However, even if you do these things you can still sabotage your efforts to cure PMDD by continuing to follow some very bad habits and practices that will counteract the good things you do and keep this condition in your life for a lot longer. As such here is a list of some things you really should avoid when trying to treat PMDD.

1. Use Drugs – As you might know if you are following this blog I detest medications that claim to cure PMDD because they never do. Drugs will mask the symptoms of PMDD making it a bit easier to function, but they will never stop PMDD for good. I also dislike them because people often become addicted to these drugs thinking they are the only way to stop their misery. If you get away from medication and start following a natural holistic PMDD cure then you will see and feel the results without dulling them with drugs.

2. Over-Exert Yourself – Sometimes we head into a healthy living phase with every good intention in the world, and are so gung ho in our applications of newfound healthy discoveries that we over exert ourselves. Sometimes he exercise too hard and injure ourselves or burn out. Sometimes we might make our diet so restrictive we cannot bear it. Sometimes we just try to do too much all at once and the whole thing collapses upon the weight of itself. So do not do this, be measured and thoughtful and you will achieve your goals.

PMDD Diagnostic Test3. Start Without a Plan – Akin to the above point but even more telling in the long term. If you fail to plan you plan to fail as a wise person once said. Without clearly defined goals you will head into this natural cure for PMDD without anyway of staying motivated, and hitting the goals you need to achieve. This takes planning and if you do not do this you will not last the distance I am sorry to say.

4. Give Up – Never give up. Never EVER give up! Do you know what the difference between someone who succeeds at anything and those that fail? It is not brilliance and intellect, it is not money or power, and it is not luck either. What makes anyone succeed at anything including curing PMDD or any other disorder is persistence. It does not matter how many times you fail, if you eventually succeed you win, and will keep on winning. Try and try again and adjust as needed and you will end PMDD I guarantee it!

Cure for PMDD – Is There Hope?

I have mentioned a few times about the idea of a cure for PMDD that can be found to eliminate PMDD from your life completely. This is true to a degree, but the use of language I thought I better make special note of. This is mainly because the word “cure” is such a difficult word and often can bring a lot of false hope because it is misinterpreted.

The first thing I have to say is that there is no single cure of PMDD. there is no pill, or tonic, or herb, or food that will magically make the PMDD fairy go away. This is not possible for pretty much every disorder and condition ever to hurt human beings.

The second thing to say is that if you suffer form PMDD now, it is possible even if you tackle the root causes of this disorder that you can develop it again if you are not careful. Women with exactly the same lifestyles can be very differently effected at the end of the menstrual cycle. Some get mild PMD, other can develop PMDD. Sometimes this difference is genetic and you may always be predisposed to this condition.

So – enough of the bad news as I wanted to answer the question I posed in the title which is YES, there is hope. YES, you can effectively “cure” PMDD. YES, you can take action right away to uncover the root causes of the condition and change you circumstances to stop being effected by it!

PMDD Diagnostic TestThis comes from the experiences of many women who have given up drugs and pursued a more natural path to cure PMDD; but it is not a single thing as I mentioned.

To end PMDD you need to embark on a number of lifestyle changes from food, to exercise, to herbal remedies, stress relief and many more. It is the combination of these things that will fee up hormonal pathways, produce the right levels of mood stabilising brain chemicals, and lead to a normalising of the main hormones linked to the menstrual cycle that have caused all these problems.

The exact science behind this is quite complicated but in further posts I will elaborate more. For now, do not give up hope, there is a cure for PMDD that you can use to get your life back to normal!

The Usual PMDD Medications – And Why They Are Not Needed!

PMDD medication is a controversial issue to many people including me. I am very much against medication except in extreme circumstances – and even then it should be for the minimum amount of time needed. This is because medication for PMDD is not every going to cure PMDD!

That’s right, medication, drugs, pills, tablets, and tonics – all these things will never get rid of PMDD ever. They are not designed to do this; in fact some people might even suggest that these medications are almost designed to make you addicted to them so you can never get off them. I am a cynic and would not put that past pharmaceutical companies, but I also realise that sometimes they can help as long as the person also tackles the lifestyle issues that are causing whatever the problem is – or if they have a condition that is legitimately incurable through other means.

Why is this? Because PMDD medication is a mix of different drugs that will take care of some of the symptoms of this disorder, but only while the drugs last. They mask the symptoms by tricking the body into stopping them occurring, but the base issue that leads to these symptoms is still there and always will be til you start to take a different approach to your health.

Some common medications for PMDD that can be prescribed are:
PMDD Diagnostic Test

  • Antidepressants Medication for PMDD such as Zoloft, Sarafem, and Paxil CR. These will make you less depressed, but come with a range of nasty side effects.
  • Anxiolytics (Antianxiety Drugs) Medication for PMDD including Xanax, Klonopin, and Ativan. This will lessen feelings of anxiety and panic, but are again known for some side effects and do not solve the core problem.
  • Analgesics (Pain Relievers) Medication for PMDD is probably the least problematic and can help with cramping pain and so forth.
  • Hormones Medication for PMDD has also been tried to solve that core hormonal issue. The problem with this is that it does NOT solve the issue, it simply uses hormones as a weapon to balance things for a while but when the next month rolls around you will be back to where you started.

So what can you do to remedy premenstrual dysphoric disorder without PMDD medication? The answer lies in holistic healing that covers lifestyle decisions both physical, dietary, psychological and even social. Only through a wide ranging set of changes in your life can you really bring this condition under control.