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Cure for PMDD – Is There Hope?

I have mentioned a few times about the idea of a cure for PMDD that can be found to eliminate PMDD from your life completely. This is true to a degree, but the use of language I thought I better make special note of. This is mainly because the word “cure” is such a difficult word and often can bring a lot of false hope because it is misinterpreted.

The first thing I have to say is that there is no single cure of PMDD. there is no pill, or tonic, or herb, or food that will magically make the PMDD fairy go away. This is not possible for pretty much every disorder and condition ever to hurt human beings.

The second thing to say is that if you suffer form PMDD now, it is possible even if you tackle the root causes of this disorder that you can develop it again if you are not careful. Women with exactly the same lifestyles can be very differently effected at the end of the menstrual cycle. Some get mild PMD, other can develop PMDD. Sometimes this difference is genetic and you may always be predisposed to this condition.

So – enough of the bad news as I wanted to answer the question I posed in the title which is YES, there is hope. YES, you can effectively “cure” PMDD. YES, you can take action right away to uncover the root causes of the condition and change you circumstances to stop being effected by it!

PMDD Diagnostic TestThis comes from the experiences of many women who have given up drugs and pursued a more natural path to cure PMDD; but it is not a single thing as I mentioned.

To end PMDD you need to embark on a number of lifestyle changes from food, to exercise, to herbal remedies, stress relief and many more. It is the combination of these things that will fee up hormonal pathways, produce the right levels of mood stabilising brain chemicals, and lead to a normalising of the main hormones linked to the menstrual cycle that have caused all these problems.

The exact science behind this is quite complicated but in further posts I will elaborate more. For now, do not give up hope, there is a cure for PMDD that you can use to get your life back to normal!