More PMDD Natural Remedies to Think About

PMDD Diagnostic TestThere are two things I would like to speak about today in regards to PMDD natural remedies that you might want to think about if you are being troubled by Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. They are two natural remedies (if you can call them that) that might go quite un-noticed by many women as it may seem they are quite minor in comparison to all the other problems and solutions you might come across. However even the smallest improvements combined together create a net benefit that is much more than the sum of its parts. Putting just these two small tips into practice can make a sizable impact – even if it will not get rid of the worst of PMDD on their own. This is a part of the idea of holistic treatments.

What are PMDD Holistic Treatments?

Holistic Healing for PMDDThe term holistic treatment is often thrown around a lot when people talk about natural ways of healing mental and physical conditions. It is sometimes confused my homeopathy which is a very different beast and one that is very much in debate. Holistic healing for PMDD however I believe is the only way to deal with such a multifaceted condition that comes from a root hormonal imbalance.

Holistic basically mean you are treating the whole person not just a single symptom. It is almost the opposite idea of drugs which deal with a single symptom or group of symptoms and attack it like a bulldozer. Instead a person should look t improve all aspects of their life. Typically this focuses on three of four main aspects. The image to the right shows four but I prefer a more simple approach with three that are:

  • Mind – The logical thinking brain as well as your perceptions and emotions.
  • Body – Your physical body of course
  • Soul – Or spirit if you prefer. Your connection to the world, god, nature or whatever you believe – this is the lest defined but it is about connections to people and the world (some simply call it social)

When all these parts are being looked after they each help in their own way, but they help you overcome many health issues when combined together for a much greater benefit. If you look after all three you will find that you will unleash a healing power much greater than you can imagine as each remedy or method you use will synergize with the others incredibly well.

If you are not into mysticism do not worry – there is also science behind this thinking which I will explain with the natural remedies for PMDD below.

3 PMDD Natural Remedies For Holistic Healing

 Stress Relief

Stress ReliefIn the mental aspect there is very little worse than stress. Stress is a major problem for women because high levels of ongoing stress add to the hormonal imbalance which comes out on various different ways. Obviously you are stressed because of PMDD, but stressing about things taints your view of your life and the world. It can make you do and say things you regret and drains your vitality and mental aptitude.

More scientifically, stress releases a hormone called Cortisol. When too much cortisol is in the body it lowers the immune system, Increases your fight or flight reactions by spurring the adrenal glands, and also clogs up the hormonal pathways which interferes with the function of the menstrual cycles and elevated your PMDD.

There are lots of ways to lower stress, but there is a natural remedy which not that many people know about called Glycerine. This substance can be mixed with water to create a drink which has been proven to lower cortisol in the body. It actively FIGHTS the result of stress. This does not mean the stress will go away – learning to deal with stress is still the best way, but this will help during the PMDD times and times where you are about to go into stressful situations.


Hydration for PMDDOn the body aspect, one little thought of part of the equation is hydration. When you are even a little bit dehydrated your moods become effected and your body does not work as well as if you had enough water. Now you can see how if you are dehydrated and stressed how bad your moods can become along with your PMDD – the links are starting to line up.

Hydration is an easy one to solve though, simply drink more water! Keep a bottle of water handy and sip is regularly. Or get a glass of water and a chance to stretch at the office. Or any other way you can create a system – or ritual – to keep your body with enough water in it. Do not go out and drink TOO much though. If you intake too much water you can flush out a lot of minerals you need but you need to drink a heck of a lot for that to happen.

One thing I have heard that is interesting is alkaline water. An Alkaline diet is an interesting concept that might help many women – and drinking alkaline water can help to restore your body’s pH balance to what it needs to be while hydrating you.


Introspective WomanThis is not a remedy like taking a pill, a herb, or getting something done TO you. Introspection is something we all do at times, but really helps with the connections you have in life to help with the spiritual aspect of holistic healing. Meditation can also help with this mind you but the purpose is to really understand your self and your connection to others.

Introspection is a conversation with yourself designed to really understand those things that you perhaps want to hide away and not confront. It can also allow you to see yourself as others might see you so you know how better to connect with your friends and family. This is something you should do every day – but never make it an argument with yourself – it is designed to be an uplifting and enlightening experience.

Now, tie all of these things together and you can see how they might all create an outcome much greater then each individual piece as they work together for better moods and better health. For more information on Holistic and natural healing of PMDD click below for an excellent guide that will really help you banish this horrible condition!

The PMDD Treatment Miracle


2 thoughts on “More PMDD Natural Remedies to Think About”

  1. I don’t understand how anyone can stop stressing when you have certain things going on in your life.
    My work is VERY stfressful but i cant quit or I will be even MORE stressed and I need the money. I also have a very slack husband who makes things even worse and his family interfering with everything ..I feel trapped and you cant lose that stress unless you go live lik a hermit!

  2. Hi Dany,

    I know it is difficult to manage all of this terrible stuff that life throws at you every day.

    It is important to recognise that stress is something that comes from yourself not from the outside world. The outside world places stressful situation on you – but it is how you react that is what causes stress. Learning to react to stressful situations well is the only option to managing – you cannot simply stop all stressful situations.

    Remember that worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere!

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