Help for Severe PMDD

If you are suffering from a very bad case of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder then getting immediate help for severe PMDD will be high on your list of priorities. It should probably be the highest on this really because if sever PMS is PMDD – then sever PMDD is crippling to the point of incapacitation.

Very few women suffer this badly all the time but sometimes PMDD can get so bad as to drive some women to have suicidal thoughts, or to physically assault a loved one, or to become clinically depressed to the point they cannot even get out of bed. Some women feel that they are actually going insane when PMDD get so totally out of control they feel like their usually rational choices

At times like this I would advocate that perhaps some medication might be in order – but only if physical harm is going to be done to yourself or to others. Drugs will never get rid of PMDD but that can be helpful for severe PMDD that gets out of control. I would never advocate continual usage of medication for PMDD though because this becomes a dependence on the drug and will never cure PMDD, just make you feel it a little less while causing many more side effects.

There are some more natural remedies for PMDD that can help with reducing the severity of very bad PMDD though. Consider these options …

  • PMDD Diagnostic TestMagnesium Supplements– This supplement taken daily can help to boost your mood, improve the quality of your sleep and rest, give relief to cramping and pain, and is has even been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Be aware of how much magnesium you already consume from food as well because too much magnesium can cause adverse effects such as diarrhoea and abdominal cramping. Extreme cases can cause kidney problems. See a nutritionist or doctor if you are worried about this but small supplementing can help.
  • Chasteberry Herbal Supplement – Otherwise Known as monk’s pepper, this herb is very recommended to help treatment of PMDD. Many symptoms of PMDD can be helped with this substance which is not too well understood. It has been shown however to help get rid of irritability, headaches, and mood swings.
  • Tryptophan– L-tryptophan is also known the stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy. It has been found to be very good for PMDD sufferers. In fact, it is one of the most often recommended supplements for PMDD help. It is shown to help reduce both severe physical and emotional symptoms associated with the condition.

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  1. My wife gets PMDD, some months it is not that bad – but others she is a raging inferno of … well … rage! It is really taking its toll essepcially on the children.
    She already takes magnesium supplements, and some other herbs but I dont know if these really help.
    Should we be looking at drugs? OR anger management classes? or what?

  2. Hi Will,
    PMDD medication should be a last resort in my opinion. Anger management might help somewhat, but does not solve the base issue of hormonal imbalance. Herbal remedies for PMDD like those listed are a part of a larger change in how a woman needs to take care of her body to reduce PMDD. I recommend the PMDD Treatment Miracle for a complete system to address this that does not need drugs at all.

  3. I have just read your statement and i am extremely annoyed. Having PMDD is a crippling illlness and can ruin your life to the point of self destruction and i do not believe harbal remedies do any help whatsoever!!! You clearly do not have PMDD so i suggest you stop putting false hopes into sufferes that this is a simple disease as having PMDD myself it has ruined my life so far. The feelings of anger, being out of control, self harm etc can get so severe and whilst herbal remedies may help with PMT maybe. PMDD is so much more serious and severe and there is no natural way of controlling severe mood swings, migraines, suicidal thoughts, panick attacks, heart palputations, irritability, major depression i could go on and on but i wont i suggest you stick to you fucking day job as you know nothing!

  4. Hi Laura,

    You are entitled to your opinion but just because you do not believe in herbal remedies does not mean they do not have an impact. Managing PMDD is NOT just about herbal treatments you are right – that is just a part of a holistic approach to healing your body from the inside and controlling the hormonal fluctuations that lead to the symptoms of PMDD.
    Plenty of women have treated their PMDD in more natural ways than with drugs which just mask the symptoms and do not actually control or cure them. So you are correct no herb is going to be the answer and I never stated that at all, just that it can help a great deal for many women.
    As for the swearing, I understand you are upset and having PMDD is certainly an upsetting condition that I sympathise with immensely, but please do not discount natural methods of healing as I know first hand it can help with hormonal control.
    Good luck and god bless.

  5. I have suffered from PMDD for a while now, firstly putting it down to the change, even though im only 40 ! My life is in ruins, my partner is ready to walk as he tries to understand why i can be ok 1 min and a complete pyscho the next but he cant take much more of being trampled on every month…..I am on prescribed drugs for my condition but they dont seem to be doing it for me n e more and want to be able to do or take something to change the severe mood swings/anger outbursts, depression that i feel on a daily basis and get on with living my life….

    1. Hi Lynne,

      It is amazing how quickly life can turn sour when something like PMDD hits you. The lack of understanding of the condition and often our own inability to really communicate it to our partners makes for troubling times.

      If the drugs are not working it is time to look for alternatives. The fact of the matter is that drugs will never cure PMDD anyway – it will just mask the symptoms somewhat.

      If I were you though, the first thing I would do is sit down with your partner and explain to him exactly what this condition is so he understand it is not really YOU doing all those crazy things. He will need to help you overcome it in the end because it takes a bit of dedication to stick to a natural treatment plan for PMDD.

      If you can get his support, and you really want this condition gone – it can be done Lynne!

  6. From a man’s perspective this condition is beyond bad. I did not realise life could be like this. I met a girl who I fell head over heals with and am now without her and she has met someone else. She would behave oddly in the beginning, accusing me of things I hadnt done. I proposed one day after she got the wrong end of the stick and we were set to get married. Her moods and unusual talk continued and I said in a nice way that I thought we should rearrange the chosen date to give us more time to plan properly. The relationship was very up and down despite me going flat out to do the right things. It was difficult to make plans with her as she was only her amazing self for 2 weeks out of 4. We would start to talk about the wedding again,and then things would fall over as she’d misunderstand something I said. I would break things down into such a basic way, I sometime would write things down in simple sentences so she could understand a plan I was trying to make. Even that didnt work. I questioned her mental health as she acted so bizarrely. There is mental illness in her family, so I wondered what was going on. I realised it was pmdd and tried to help her. She made half hearted efforts to smooth things out. She’d storm out of the flat, come back again. I’ve never known anything like it. We never did get married as we couldnt reach a landing on anything and things were so unsettled. I lost my job over this because I couldnt concentrate properly. She ended the relationship and met someone else within a few months. We tried for a baby and I know that she will be trying with her new bloke. I am devastated but trying to pull myself back together. I love her but also hate her. I shouldnt 100% blame her because after all I did say that we should change the wedding date, but I tried to do it in a positive way to give us more time. Little did I know that I couldnt reason with her and she would behave in such an extreme way. She is out of control and no matter how much I tried to settle us, I couldnt. I honestly think that she will always be like this, no matter where or who she is with. She has severly affected my life as well as her own. She needs help.

    1. Hi Metz,

      Such a terrible story, but one that is too often encountered by men in a relationship with a PMDD sufferer.

      She will certianly not get any better without changing her lifestyle and health a LOT as it seems she has quite a severe reaction. It might be that she has other mental health issues as well as PMDD making it even worse.

      I hope you can heal and move on, us women do feel for men in such circumstances and it really hilights how destructive PMDD can be to a relationship.

  7. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for your reply and apologies for taking so long to come back on it. Nothing has changed from my situation and I am now single and wondering if I’ll meet anyone else remotely as nice.
    She has always been very insecure and highly sensitive. I was wondering from your reply, what other mental health issues she could have ? Is anything hereditary ?

    1. Hi Metz,

      PMDD can make existing matters much worse. Thee could be an underlying anxiety disorder that becomes worse. Or perhaps one of the myriad of Impulisve Control Disorders might be more appropriate.

      It is very hard to say and I am not a trained psychologist. However PMDD will bring a mild disorder to the fore and make it quite out of control. Control the PMDD and you might be able to solve the entire issue – however it sounds like she is not in your life anymore and that is very sad, i am sorry to hear it.

      If you are still friends perhaps you can let her know of PMDD and perhaps she can see a doctor. Gettign rid of PMDD will also increase the chances of concieving a baby as well.

  8. carla: At first I thought I was going thru menopause..after chemo. From breast cancer. Got tested it is not. Yes I was depressed..I grew up with very very bad periods since 13. Last Dec.(2012)I turned 38. I thought my pain medication was causing odd ailments.. thought I was going nuts..started with a day 1.agitated beyond reasonable doubt than the migraine….day2.agoraphobia day3.agoraphobia and sexual increase, like I was rolling. Day3.agoraphobia, making odd decisions that seem right but are wrong, sex drive increase rolling day 4. Everything from day 3 + not being able to stay awake…rolling plus I can sleep sitting up rocking back n forth exercising every muscle in my body for 8 hours..ill wake up sitting up or if I got to lay 5. All the above plus edema in feet n ankles. Constant craving for sugar full body pain weight aggressive weight gain since last Dec. Depression…..Depression I take effexor for.
    All this happens a week before my period starts…stops the day of my period.I cycle andit’s over……is this PMDD???… it’s debilitating, aggravating and I know the symptoms and timing too well now…I thought I was nuts…till. 6 months into it, I realize a pattern, all happens just before my period starts. The worst of it….agoraphobia. any other suggestions as to what this might be?

    1. If it is not PMDD it sounds very similar and is linked to your endocrine system since it is pretty obviously hormone related.

      When your hormones are that out of balance many conditions can beset you even if its not on the official PMDD list

      What has your doctor said?

  9. Hi i’m struggling so severely every mth which what i believe are pmdd symptoms . Firstly i would advise that i’ve suffered with anxiety for years but my family and friends have always maintained that they believe my problems stem from a hormonal balance as my moods around 8 days prior to my period are horrific. However , in the last 2 years this has developed into something that is out of control, mood swings , constant breakdown into floods of tears and worse of all the insomnia is rife infact ive only slept and hr every night in the last 10 days and this is after taking prescribed sleeping tablets…Could anyone recommend anything that might help please …i feel so desperate and isolated ….

    1. I have such severe PMDD that my boyfriend thinks I have borderline personality disorder. He was going to propose to me but I had one of my rage episodes and now we are pretty much over with. I need immediate help. This is destroying my life. I have told off coworkers and bosses in the past and always a few days before my period. I broke up with my boyfriend a couple times over nothing as well. I used to think I was PMSing. I now think it is much more severe than PMS. I get anxious, depressed, suicidal, sick to my stomach, unable to eat, keyed up, hyper, have menstrual cramps and lash out in the most extreme manner possible to completely benign events and comments. I am now losing my relationship which is with the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I do not know where to get help. I am going to see a therapist but feel a medical doctor also is needed. I have not done anything to get help yet because I feel too rotten while I am suffering from this and then my period starts and I feel back to normal and I absolutely can not believe I ever felt this way. I am trying to get help while I am in this dark place. Last month I was going to call a therapist but then my period started and I was fine. But a couple days ago I found myself, after having a perfect day with my boyfriend, standing in the dining room shrieking at him and calling him an absolutely horrible name. I am afraid the damage is done now. I scared him too badly and I scared me too badly also. The next day I thought I should be committed. As this is getting worse and not better over time I need help quickly.

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