Do Natural PMDD Treatment Options Really Work?

Natural PMDD Treatment
Natural PMDD Treatment

I got an email from a woman who had some serious doubts about natural PMDD treatment remedies. She had tried these sorts of things many times before she said to no avail and still suffered from PMS and PMDD (she was not entirely sure if she had PMDD but that is not the issue). She said she was using a combination of drugs which had largely stifled the symptoms in that last week but also realised she was drugging herself to the eyeballs and that it was not a good long term solution.

Well my answer is yes, natural PMDD treatments are worthwhile, and have a solid basis in science – not just feel good hippy rhetoric. Even the most jaded, drug prescribing doctor will advise you to eat healthy, exercise and all that because they know the drugs do not solve the problem. When  they prescribe them they just want to quickly end your pain so they can move on to the next patient, their healthy living advice is usually not heeded.

But if you have heeded this information and have tried it without success, you might be deflated and do not know what to do. There are a few reasons this might have happened which are common in natural, holistic treatments not working such as:

PMDD Diagnostic Test1. Not Continuing Long Enough – Natural and long lasting cures for PMDD take time to work. The age of instant gratification, instant pain relief, and on demand services has led us to expect the same thing of our body. This is not the way the body works though. A natural PMDD treatment requires time, for some women it might be a few weeks, others might take a few months! If you are persistent though, you will feel a difference being made.

2. Not Taking a Broad Scope – Some people also cherry pick the bits they like out of a holistic treatment for PMDD rather than doing ALL of them. Just changing your diet very slightly, doing some exercise and drinking some green tea is not enough. You have to take a broad scope and include as many aspects of healing as you can or you will only partially help yourself and et discouraged.

3. Inconsistent Usage – Like dieting, many women start and stop, and find excuses for not applying a consisted focus on their PMDD natural treatments. Doing this is a great disservice; as you feel nothing is happening and you often put your efforts back a long way. Consistency is key to this, and permanent change also has to apply, you need to make a lot of this habitual and a part of your everyday life.

So if you are like this poor lady who contacted me, consider how you are applying yourself to a natural cure – not just what the treatments are. If you do not even know where to start I highly recommend the PMDD Treatment Miracle which will give you all you need to know to combat this disorder.

4 thoughts on “Do Natural PMDD Treatment Options Really Work?”

  1. I have to say, being inconsistent is probably the biggest issue. I have been trying to help my wife overcome this. I don’t know if she has PMDD or just really harsh PMS but it is an issue she has finally acknowledged. I believe in natural remedies also and have had her on a few but she does not take ownership of them and is very inconsistent which shows. A word to other ladies looking into this, make sure you stick with it because if you skip steps and are inconstant, not only do you see minimal benefit, you start to believe it is the PMDD treatments fault and not your own.

  2. How does one be consistent when your life is out of control because of PMDD! It is a nasty circle and my life is messed in so many ways this PMDD thing is like the horrid icing on the cake of depair.

  3. Hi Haley,
    Knowing what to do is often the easiest thing, actioning becomes the challenge.
    The only thing I can really say that works for me when things just become unbearable in life is to break everything down into tiny manageable pieces … stop looking at the big picture and just action tiny little tasks one after the other.
    It is the only way to keep on track without everything coming crashing down

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