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More PMDD Natural Remedies to Think About

PMDD Diagnostic TestThere are two things I would like to speak about today in regards to PMDD natural remedies that you might want to think about if you are being troubled by Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. They are two natural remedies (if you can call them that) that might go quite un-noticed by many women as it may seem they are quite minor in comparison to all the other problems and solutions you might come across. However even the smallest improvements combined together create a net benefit that is much more than the sum of its parts. Putting just these two small tips into practice can make a sizable impact – even if it will not get rid of the worst of PMDD on their own. This is a part of the idea of holistic treatments.

What are PMDD Holistic Treatments?

Holistic Healing for PMDDThe term holistic treatment is often thrown around a lot when people talk about natural ways of healing mental and physical conditions. It is sometimes confused my homeopathy which is a very different beast and one that is very much in debate. Holistic healing for PMDD however I believe is the only way to deal with such a multifaceted condition that comes from a root hormonal imbalance.

Holistic basically mean you are treating the whole person not just a single symptom. It is almost the opposite idea of drugs which deal with a single symptom or group of symptoms and attack it like a bulldozer. Instead a person should look t improve all aspects of their life. Typically this focuses on three of four main aspects. The image to the right shows four but I prefer a more simple approach with three that are:

  • Mind – The logical thinking brain as well as your perceptions and emotions.
  • Body – Your physical body of course
  • Soul – Or spirit if you prefer. Your connection to the world, god, nature or whatever you believe – this is the lest defined but it is about connections to people and the world (some simply call it social)

When all these parts are being looked after they each help in their own way, but they help you overcome many health issues when combined together for a much greater benefit. If you look after all three you will find that you will unleash a healing power much greater than you can imagine as each remedy or method you use will synergize with the others incredibly well.

If you are not into mysticism do not worry – there is also science behind this thinking which I will explain with the natural remedies for PMDD below.

3 PMDD Natural Remedies For Holistic Healing

 Stress Relief

Stress ReliefIn the mental aspect there is very little worse than stress. Stress is a major problem for women because high levels of ongoing stress add to the hormonal imbalance which comes out on various different ways. Obviously you are stressed because of PMDD, but stressing about things taints your view of your life and the world. It can make you do and say things you regret and drains your vitality and mental aptitude.

More scientifically, stress releases a hormone called Cortisol. When too much cortisol is in the body it lowers the immune system, Increases your fight or flight reactions by spurring the adrenal glands, and also clogs up the hormonal pathways which interferes with the function of the menstrual cycles and elevated your PMDD.

There are lots of ways to lower stress, but there is a natural remedy which not that many people know about called Glycerine. This substance can be mixed with water to create a drink which has been proven to lower cortisol in the body. It actively FIGHTS the result of stress. This does not mean the stress will go away – learning to deal with stress is still the best way, but this will help during the PMDD times and times where you are about to go into stressful situations.


Hydration for PMDDOn the body aspect, one little thought of part of the equation is hydration. When you are even a little bit dehydrated your moods become effected and your body does not work as well as if you had enough water. Now you can see how if you are dehydrated and stressed how bad your moods can become along with your PMDD – the links are starting to line up.

Hydration is an easy one to solve though, simply drink more water! Keep a bottle of water handy and sip is regularly. Or get a glass of water and a chance to stretch at the office. Or any other way you can create a system – or ritual – to keep your body with enough water in it. Do not go out and drink TOO much though. If you intake too much water you can flush out a lot of minerals you need but you need to drink a heck of a lot for that to happen.

One thing I have heard that is interesting is alkaline water. An Alkaline diet is an interesting concept that might help many women – and drinking alkaline water can help to restore your body’s pH balance to what it needs to be while hydrating you.


Introspective WomanThis is not a remedy like taking a pill, a herb, or getting something done TO you. Introspection is something we all do at times, but really helps with the connections you have in life to help with the spiritual aspect of holistic healing. Meditation can also help with this mind you but the purpose is to really understand your self and your connection to others.

Introspection is a conversation with yourself designed to really understand those things that you perhaps want to hide away and not confront. It can also allow you to see yourself as others might see you so you know how better to connect with your friends and family. This is something you should do every day – but never make it an argument with yourself – it is designed to be an uplifting and enlightening experience.

Now, tie all of these things together and you can see how they might all create an outcome much greater then each individual piece as they work together for better moods and better health. For more information on Holistic and natural healing of PMDD click below for an excellent guide that will really help you banish this horrible condition!

The PMDD Treatment Miracle


Even More PMDD Nutrition Advice!

PMDD NutritionOK, just one more post about PMDD nutrition before I move on to something else! In my first diet for PMDD post I talked about some simple does and don’ts, then I followed up with another PMDD diet post detailing the science behind how PMDD affects your body and how the food you eat can make it worse or better and why. This post I wanted to explore a more alternative way of looking at food for your health that can help to alleviate PMDD and many other health conditions too.

For some, this approach might seem a little far fetched, or a little out there. This is understandable because there has not been enough scientific tests done to prove the absolute validity of this kind of diet, but there is a growing body of evidence that show it DOES make a serious impact for the better in regards to peoples heal;th when followed properly. What I am referring to is what is called an Alkaline Diet.

What The Heck Does Alkaline Mean?

An odd word if you do not know chemistry. Alkaline is the opposite of acidic basically. There is a measurement called a pH level which measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is. Too far acidic and of course, it is dangerous, but also too far alkaline is dangerous for humans as well. pH 7 is neutral, neither one or the other. The chart below gives you an idea of what this is like and some comparisons.

pH ScaleAs you can see on the image, there is a note saying that human blood is a little but more on the alkaline side than the acidic side at about 7.365 pH. This is the basic underpinning of what an Alkaline diet is about. It is the understanding that the human body is naturally more alkaline than acidic and functions better when it is in this state because that is what we are designed or evolved to be at.

What Does This Mean For Me and PMDD?

What Does This Mean for PMDD Treatment?Way back in the past, before industrialisation, before civilisation even, we were hunter gatherers and had existed as such for a long long time. We were used to eating different sorts of food back then and our bodies were used to that. The foods we ate back then were much more alkaline in nature and kept our body at its optimum pH level for good health. However, we then started to make different foods with the advent of civilisation. Bread, Milk, access to more meat and a hole host of other things. After this of course we get into the modern age where we have packaged foods, sugary food and drinks, and a whole host of other different types of food that have one thing in common. They drag our bodies pH level towards a more acidic state!

Being acidic is NOT good for your health. Too far either side of the optimum level means you begin to poisons the cells in your body and they start to die. In regards to PMDD treatment the effect is profound because it interferes with the hormonal regulation as well with a knock on effect to your mental health because your mood regulators will be all over the place due to hormonal fluctuations. It has other far reaching consequences for the health of women in particular but I just want to focus on how it effects your condition and how an Alkaline diet can be good PMDD nutrition for you to follow.

So What Is an Alkaline Diet Then?

PMDD Diagnostic TestAn alkaline diet is one where you eat foods that are alkaline in nature. Foods that will swing your bodies pH level back toward its optimal state. It is a diet that reduces the intake of acidic foods to stop your pH level moving into dangerous territory. This is a whole different way of looking at foods because it is not just about quantity or calories, it is about quality of food that is good for our internal systems.

There is a LOT to discuss about this so I will just give you an overview of what is good and bad, which will tie in quite nicely with a low GI diet and other things I mentioned in previous posts.

Alkaline Foods:

  • Alkaline Foods for PMDD NutritionMany vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables such as Spinach, Broccoli, lettuce, Leeks, Cucumber, Celery and more!
  • Selected unsalted nuts like almonds and pine nuts
  • Beans, tofu and soy beans among many good legumes
  • Some fruits such as bananas, avocado, coconuts and figs

Acidic Foods:

  • White Bread (Most breads in fact, the more grains and darker it is the less acidic it is though)
  • Acidic Foods To Avoid With PMDDMost Dairy foods
  • Condiments such as ketchup, Mayonnaise, soy sauce etc
  • Coffee, Beer, Wine, Spirits
  • Some fruits such as Pineapples and Raspberries
  • Beef, Pork, Even Salmon (though salmon has many other good nutrients)
  • Sugar, artificial sweeteners, honey, etc

Now this does not mean you cannot eat or drink ALL acidic food types, that is way too overboard. What it does mean is that our modern diet is just too acidic most of the time and reducing the acidic foods while promoting more alkaline foods in your diet will make an impact. You do not need to live and eat like a caveman, but you can modify your nutrition for PMDD to eliminate the worst offenders and put in some of the better foods in exchange. Once you start feeling the good effects you might want to continue to reduce the acidic intake even further. You do need a commitment to make a drastic change though so you do begin to see results fast.

There is an excellent site with lots of recipes, more complete food lists and other information about alkaline dieting here:

Acid Alkaline Diet – Optimal Health With Alkaline Foods

More PMDD Diet Advice for PMDD Relief

PMDD Diet and NutritionIn my previous article about how to implement a PMDD Diet I discussed a few does and don’ts of dieting for PMDD relief. This is just the tip of the iceberg in regard to PMDD nutrition and treating premenstrual dysphoric disorder in general.

I wanted to show you a little more of the biology and science of PMDD and how your food consumption interacts with your body in good and bad ways. Sometimes it is important to know the inner workings to some depth more than just the process of what to do because you will be armed with more knowledge you can apply in more intelligent ways to combat PMDD.

Why You Need a PMDD Diet

As you might or might not know, PMDD is a condition which at it’s root cause is a severe imbalance of hormones. This is triggered by the end of the menstrual cycle as you approach your period. Most women have some hormonal upsets in the last week or so but can manage it easy enough, but PMDD is far beyond a gently upset of hormones. PMDD is a rollercoaster ride that takes no prisoners …

Nutrition for PMDD ReliefSo what is the reason behind all this imbalance? There are genetic causes to this, but there are also environmental causes as well such as stress, medication, chemicals in the house, and of course nutrition. Here is one way that your diet can influence your hormones.

When you eat, your body begin to turn that food into sugars that give the body energy to repair itself, move you around, keep you healthy, and every other part of being a human. Food is our fuel as we all know.

However, not all food is the same. Some food is turned into energy much faster than others which is great when we need a rush of energy during sports, a fight, or after strenuous exercise. It is terrible however when we do not need short term energy.

When we eat fast converting foods our blood sugar level skyrockets. This energy is too much and we cannot use it all to power our body immediately. In response your body is flooded with the hormone insulin which is responsible to taking the blood sugar and using it for the bodies processes. This is very bad for your weight because most of this energy is stored as fat, but for PMDD sufferers all the pathways that are used by hormones are not clogged with insulin. This spike alone with the spikes of estrogen and progesterone (female reproductive hormones) at the end of the cycle leaves little room for other hormones that control mood regulation and many other aspects of your mental and physical health.

Phew! That was a condensed explanation and I hope you followed it (Leave comments below if you want any more info!). So what does this mean for a PMDD Diet?

PMDD Nutrition To Balance Hormones

PMDD Diagnostic TestIf you need PMDD relief, then you need to make sure that your diet does a few things:

  1. You eat food that converts to energy slowly. This is called a low GI diet because the foods are low on the glycemic index which is a rating of how quickly or slowly food turns to energy.
  2. Avoid High GI foods of course. These are mostly processed foods and foods with a lot of sugar.
  3. Eat in moderation, smaller meals in general, or at least eat 4 smaller meals rather then 3 bigger ones like we usually do.

For more information about a PMDD diet and all the other facets of treating PMDD naturally, click below for a complete guide I recommend highly.

The PMDD Treatment Miracle

Practical PMDD Help

PMDD HelpThe end of the menstrual cycle is always a tough time for women. The hormones in the body fluctuate greatly and nearly all women suffer from at least a few of the tell tale symptoms of PMS which makes their life a misery for a week or so (and for those around them!).

If you have PMDD though, these symptoms are not just an annoyance – they become part of a living nightmare that drags on for just as long as PMS but feels like forever! If you are a women who has Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, then you need some practical PMDD help to stop this tearing you apart!

In this article I wanted to focus just on a few simple things you can do during the time of PMDD when you feel all those pressures and problems bearing down upon you. This is not long term planning, this is short term relief, but without drugs as I believe this to be detrimental to your struggle against this horrible disorder. You WILL need to change many things for the long term elimination of PMDD but if you are desperate to just make some of the symptoms stop, here is some helpful PMDD advice.

Stopping Cramping

Stopping PMDD CrampingCramping is one of the more common symptoms of PMS and PMDD that can sideline you from the god things in life. This is caused by your uterine muscles contracting to ‘reset’ your womb which ends in your period before it builds up again ready for a possible pregnancy. Most of the time you simply will not care about that – you just want your body to stop doing it so painfully! Here are some tips to ease the cramping pain.

  • Heat – A water bottle with warm/hot water can help to promote blood flow in the painful area. This can help to ease pain and reduce the cramping. This is not just an old wives tale; it can help quite a bit for many women.
  • Pressure – Placing some gently pressure on the area can be helpful too. It is best when it is massaged a little as well again to promote blood flow and relax muscles. using the water bottle to also apply pressure is a good combo.
  • Supplements – There are a number of mineral and vitamin supplements that can help to reduce cramping. Some of the most popular are magnesium supplements (good for muscle relaxation to reduce cramps) and omega 3 fatty acid supplements (Not sure of the exact effect but many studies have shown good results).
  • Exercise

Easing Mood Swings

Easing PMDD Mood SwingsThe up and down roller coaster of mood swings during PMDD can be very hard to deal with. This advice is more for normalising those swings, not stopping depression or anxiety which can also come with PMDD. All of these tips will help with the more extreme ends but I am focussing more on the swings than the extremities of moods that can occur. This sort of moodiness is most often caused by fluctuations of serotonin levels. Serotonin is the hormone in your body that helps keep you up and happy most of the time. When you are approaching your period though – your levels of estrogens and progesterone are all over the place and those other two hormones are intrinsically linked to serotonin. So if you have the impression of a hormonal train wreck then you are totally correct. You will need some good PMDD help to alleviate this.

  • Natural ProgesteroneProgesterone is the sister hormone to estrogen which is the more well known female hormone. Both are needed for proper menstrual functioning. Many women with PMDD and PMS have  an estrogen dominance in the weeks leading up to their period. This leads to many of the symptoms of PMDD including depression and other mood related disorders. Natural progesterone supplements can help to restore this balance.
  • Hydration – The value of avoiding dehydrated cannot be emphasised enough. Even a slight case of dehydration can drastically alter your mood. Think back to when you were not suffering from PMDD but when you felt thirsty, or had been sweating a lot. You probably felt a little sick, were less tolerant, was more easily upset. When your body loses too much water is can have a knock on effect on your moods – and yet this is the easiest thing to cure – drink more water! Do not drown yourself though – too much water can lead to evacuating too many minerals and vitamins through urination. Just make sure you drink enough throughout the day.
  • Frequent Meals & Carbohydrates – Many of us trying to watch our figure have actually put into place some bad eating habits. One problem is some women tend to skip meals due to lack of appetite when PMDDing, or due to wanting to lower the amount of food we are eating generally. This causes them to overeat later, creating a rollercoaster ride for the blood sugar levels which will make your moods go crazy. The other problem is many women start eating less carbs due to the phenomenally misguided low-carb craze. Low carb diets cause low moods because they stop the brain regulating serotonin (a good mood hormone) in the brain. We need carbs to be mentally balanced women!

Curing PMDD Sleep Problems

Curing PMDD Sleep ProblemsToo much sleep, too little sleep, interrupted sleep – all of these things will reduce your body’s capability to manage your moods and your physical well being. This is not something we do not already know – but when you are suffering from PMDD being able to create a better sleeping patter will give you massive boosts to your mental and physical well being very quickly. The problem is that the condition makers it difficult to sleep properly in a catch 22 arrangement seemingly designed to frustrate us!

Here is some practical help for PMDD related sleep problems:

  • Keep Good Sleep Hygiene -A funny term sleep hygiene, but what it means is the collection of habits you take to get a good nights sleep. There are a few things that you should do all the time such as turn off all lights in the room, no flashing lights from electronics, curtains drawn, minimal noise etc. You need a place that is dark and silent  and free of all distractions to promote deeper sleep. If you have a partner you sleep with then also try not to have a situation where their habits interfere with your sleep such as snoring, or waking you up due to movement or getting up in the night. You can also take further steps such as making sure your pillows are washed frequently, that you sleep with a fresh towel over the pillow, and definitely do not take drugs before you sleep unless you absolutely have to!
  • Keep a Bedtime -This is apart of sleep hygiene but i think deserves its own point. While we are all adults (or most of us, hello to any minors who might be suffering PMDD as well – don’t worry it can get better!) and can determine when we want to sleep, having a bedtime you keep is very important. You need to adhere to your bodies internal clock when you feel sleepy you go to sleep – but also keeping a bedtime will help to adjust that clock to become at one with this time you feel is optimal for sleep.
  • Know Your Sleep Cycle – Most people have 4 hour sleep cycles, so in a night we actually cycle through 2 of them. It also explains how you can wake up feeling a bit drowsy but not too tired early in the morning which is when the sleep ccyle is ending and we are only lightly drowsing. However some people have shorter or longer cycles. PMDD Diagnostic TestI find mine is about 3 to 3.5 hours so i feel more refreshed after 7 hours sleep or closer to 9 sometimes! Keep an eye on how long you sleep and how refreshed and wakeful you feel at each point so you know when to set alarms. Eventually you will train your body to not even need an alarm!

I hope this PMDD help has been useful to you and helps you do some immediate action to reduce PMDD.

For more information check out the PMDD Treatment Miracle, it goes into a lot more depth on many of these things and more!

A Proven Treatment for PMDD

treatment for pmdd
Treating PMDD Naturally?

I mentioned in the prior post a very helpful guide on all aspects of treating PMDD and wanted to make mention of this again. This book is an excellent guide to getting rid of PMDD because its plan of treatment for PMDD follows the same ideas I promote in this blog, but goes into a lot more detail. This guide is called the PMDD Treatment Miracle and I have decided to make it the primary resource to link to for people looking to end their Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

If you are looking for the PMDD Treatment Miracle site itself, click here

The reason I chose this as recommended reading comes down to three main points that all fit my criteria for something worth reading, and following.

1. Advocates all natural methods in a holistic, multi faceted fashion, and does not condone the usage of medication.
2. Is well written, in a step-by-step manner without overly flowery words, or overly complicated explanations. It tells you what to do, why you should be doing it, and how to do it for each aspect of a treatment for PMDD.
3. Has proof that it works through many believable testimonials on the site.

If You Do Not Apply These Treatment For PMDD Methods Properly, They Will Not Work!

But everything in this guide mirrors what I have been saying for many years and goes a lot further as well. I know these things work because I suffered from a range of menstrual related conditions including severe PMS for many years as well as ovarian cysts and I believe other conditions that all related to the same core hormonal imbalances. My sister had PCOS which has similar root causes but different genetic base reasons than PMDD and she too followed very similar advice to what this guide on Treatments for PMDD detail. I know it works, I have felt it, and so has my sister, and so have many of our friends and people I have spoken with online while giving advice.

I am not saying it will be everyone’s perfect solution to Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, but I am saying that the advice is good, it presents it very well, and it is rooted in science instead of mystic new age clap-trap. So if you like the advice I give here on treatments for PMDD and find it helpful, and you want a complete step-by-step road-map to curing PMDD for good, please take a look at this e-book as it just may be what you need…

Visit the Official PMDD Treatment Miracle Site Here

Do Natural PMDD Treatment Options Really Work?

Natural PMDD Treatment
Natural PMDD Treatment

I got an email from a woman who had some serious doubts about natural PMDD treatment remedies. She had tried these sorts of things many times before she said to no avail and still suffered from PMS and PMDD (she was not entirely sure if she had PMDD but that is not the issue). She said she was using a combination of drugs which had largely stifled the symptoms in that last week but also realised she was drugging herself to the eyeballs and that it was not a good long term solution.

Well my answer is yes, natural PMDD treatments are worthwhile, and have a solid basis in science – not just feel good hippy rhetoric. Even the most jaded, drug prescribing doctor will advise you to eat healthy, exercise and all that because they know the drugs do not solve the problem. When  they prescribe them they just want to quickly end your pain so they can move on to the next patient, their healthy living advice is usually not heeded.

But if you have heeded this information and have tried it without success, you might be deflated and do not know what to do. There are a few reasons this might have happened which are common in natural, holistic treatments not working such as:

PMDD Diagnostic Test1. Not Continuing Long Enough – Natural and long lasting cures for PMDD take time to work. The age of instant gratification, instant pain relief, and on demand services has led us to expect the same thing of our body. This is not the way the body works though. A natural PMDD treatment requires time, for some women it might be a few weeks, others might take a few months! If you are persistent though, you will feel a difference being made.

2. Not Taking a Broad Scope – Some people also cherry pick the bits they like out of a holistic treatment for PMDD rather than doing ALL of them. Just changing your diet very slightly, doing some exercise and drinking some green tea is not enough. You have to take a broad scope and include as many aspects of healing as you can or you will only partially help yourself and et discouraged.

3. Inconsistent Usage – Like dieting, many women start and stop, and find excuses for not applying a consisted focus on their PMDD natural treatments. Doing this is a great disservice; as you feel nothing is happening and you often put your efforts back a long way. Consistency is key to this, and permanent change also has to apply, you need to make a lot of this habitual and a part of your everyday life.

So if you are like this poor lady who contacted me, consider how you are applying yourself to a natural cure – not just what the treatments are. If you do not even know where to start I highly recommend the PMDD Treatment Miracle which will give you all you need to know to combat this disorder.

How to Treat PMDD Symptoms

Treat PMDD Symptoms
Treat PMDD Symptoms

Knowing how to treat PMDD symptoms is an important part of treating PMDD as a whole. While doctors typically also focus on just treatment of PMDD symptoms also it is essential you know the difference between curing PMDD totally and stopping the signs of PMDD separately as well.

Symptoms of PMDD all come from a root hormonal imbalance caused by many factors in your life as well as a genetic predisposition to this condition as well. If you solve the hormonal riddle inside your body those symptoms disappear, which makes finding a natural way to treat PMDD at its base level very valuable. However, along the way you do need to treat PMDD symptoms as well so you can survive and function long enough for a long term PMDD cure to take effects. Luckily many actions that help with alleviating symptoms also have benefit in a longer term solution to this disorder too.

So let’s take a look at some of the common symptoms and what we can do about them as fast as possible:

Depression – This is a major problem for many women with PMDD that can range form a general lowness, to full on can’t-get-out-of-bed clinical depression. The most immediate things you can do to help this in my opinion are exercise, which can be hard to get yourself motivated for – but will always lift your spirits and help your body and mind be more energetic. Also Meditation can be of great help here, either proper meditation, or even just finding a quite place to yourself with no noise and a chance to reflect internally for a space of time. Herbally I mentioned in a previous post that St. John’s Wort is an excellent supplement that works like medical anti-depressants but without the side effects.

PMDD Diagnostic TestIrritability – Most PMDD suffering women get quite irritable, to outright angry in this period. Treating PMDD irritability requires some boosting of the feel good chemicals in the brain such as dopamine and endorphins. Exercise is again a massive booster of mood that should be taken into account. I would also recommend more intake of magnesium rich food and Magnesium Supplements which are known to boost your mood amongst other properties. I would also advise you talk to your loved ones and simply warn them, not that you are “in a bad mood”, but that you have a problem and for them to be patient. Also reassure them it is not their fault – it is not your fault either, but if you put blame into this volatile mix it ends up much worse.

Cramping – Increasing your water intake is very helpful to lessen the effects of cramping, but do not drown yourself as that can sometimes flush out a lot of useful nutrients you need. As odd as it might sound, sexual activity has been known to help reduce cramping too so even if you might not feel like it, if you can get int he mood this will help to end pain and improve your mood too. Supplements of zinc and calcium have also been proven to help reducing cramping and are a good PMDD treatment option.

Headaches – As above, increased hydration makes a massive difference to headaches. While you can take pain killers, I would advise against this in favour of Chasteberry as a natural alternative to treat PMDD. Again I would like to stress how good meditation can be to help with headaches, and depression, irritability and anxiety as well.

Natural Cure for PMDD – What NOT To Do!

Natural Cure for PMDD
Natural Cure for PMDD

On this site I try to focus a lot on what you need to do to have a natural cure for PMDD. However, even if you do these things you can still sabotage your efforts to cure PMDD by continuing to follow some very bad habits and practices that will counteract the good things you do and keep this condition in your life for a lot longer. As such here is a list of some things you really should avoid when trying to treat PMDD.

1. Use Drugs – As you might know if you are following this blog I detest medications that claim to cure PMDD because they never do. Drugs will mask the symptoms of PMDD making it a bit easier to function, but they will never stop PMDD for good. I also dislike them because people often become addicted to these drugs thinking they are the only way to stop their misery. If you get away from medication and start following a natural holistic PMDD cure then you will see and feel the results without dulling them with drugs.

2. Over-Exert Yourself – Sometimes we head into a healthy living phase with every good intention in the world, and are so gung ho in our applications of newfound healthy discoveries that we over exert ourselves. Sometimes he exercise too hard and injure ourselves or burn out. Sometimes we might make our diet so restrictive we cannot bear it. Sometimes we just try to do too much all at once and the whole thing collapses upon the weight of itself. So do not do this, be measured and thoughtful and you will achieve your goals.

PMDD Diagnostic Test3. Start Without a Plan – Akin to the above point but even more telling in the long term. If you fail to plan you plan to fail as a wise person once said. Without clearly defined goals you will head into this natural cure for PMDD without anyway of staying motivated, and hitting the goals you need to achieve. This takes planning and if you do not do this you will not last the distance I am sorry to say.

4. Give Up – Never give up. Never EVER give up! Do you know what the difference between someone who succeeds at anything and those that fail? It is not brilliance and intellect, it is not money or power, and it is not luck either. What makes anyone succeed at anything including curing PMDD or any other disorder is persistence. It does not matter how many times you fail, if you eventually succeed you win, and will keep on winning. Try and try again and adjust as needed and you will end PMDD I guarantee it!

Getting Rid of PMDD With Meditation?

Getting Rid of PMDD
Headpone Meditation image by

There are many alternative therapies for various conditions and one that comes up over and over again for psychological disorder si meditation. Is getting rid of PMDD with meditation a possibility though? Or is this just a new age placebo that brings no real lasting benefit to women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder?

Well if you have read any of my other posts on this site you will know my opinion on relying on just one method of getting rid of any condition. That it is impossible to approach any problem with one technique, remedy, drug or anything else – your body and mind require a holistic and multifaceted approach. So really what we want to know is if meditation is of benefit to this natural, holistic healing approach for PMDD?

Well lets look at what meditation is first. Some people think it is a spiritual thing and it is a part of many religions so this idea often puts people off, or gives them the wrong impression. Meditation can be used that way if you are inclined, but what it really is, is a way to improve your brains activities that have a psychological effect, and also a physical effect on your body.

Studies such as that by Jon Kabat-Zinn, M.D., and Zindel Segal, Ph.D. have shown that it lowers cortisol in your body caused by stress (which I covered in this post), improves memory function, and stop depression relapses among many benefits. This sort of scientific scrutiny shows that meditation which may have started as a mystics way of achieving calm is actually rooted in real science of the body and mind.

PMDD Diagnostic TestSo getting rid of PMDD with meditation is a possibility. It is not the only thing you need to do, but it can play a very important part of stress reduction, hormonal balancing and improving mood. Even when you are not in the last week of your menstrual cycle meditation will be a helpful part of staying healthy and happy as well!

For an easy way to meditate to get rid of PMDD, I recommend this site here: deep-zen. It can guide you through the process for beginners and make it easy with some very special scientifically designed meditation MP3s as well so check it out.

More Natural Remedies for PMDD

Natural Remedies for PMDD
Natural Remedies for PMDD

My last post on PMDD natural remedies was a little short I have to say, I have been a little busy recently so wanted to make this follow up post giving some more natural remedies for PMDD that you can start using to really make inroad into curing PMDD. Again, I stress that there is no one remedy for PMDD that will solve the entire problem, it takes a concerted effort using a number of different options that will impact on your internal healing processes to bring about lasting change.

That being said, I wanted to focus on two very important parts of treating PMDD naturally: Stress and Sleep.


Stress is a major problem to everyone’s health not just PMDD sufferers. It is akin to a modern disease if you ask me, something that insidiously infects our life and plays havoc with all of our internal systems. Stress I believe is very high because life is so fast, so involved, and so varied compared to a long time ago. Sure, we have a lot of things that have relieved pressure from our lives, but I also think we are worse at DEALING with stress these days as well.

There are many problems that stress causes. It can lead to dangerous behaviours like drinking too much alcohol, or sometimes drinking too much coffee, or smoking too (if you are smoking – please, please, PLEASE quit smoking for your health!! I am begging you). All these things mess up your internal systems and especially your hormonal state.

Stress itself is actually not a BAD thing in small amounts for short periods. It gets us motivated and gives us a burst of adrenalin and energy which is caused by the release of a hormone called cortisol. The problem with this is that over a long period of stress this hormone keeps being released. It clogs your body with too many hormones which inhibit other hormonal processes leading to the symptoms of PMDD. Too much stress also lowers your immune system making your body less able to deal with illness and internal cleansing. It is bad news!

Lowering your stress level is therefore one of the most important natural remedies for PMDD you can possibly do!


PMDD Diagnostic TestThis is another problem for women with PMDD. Some get too much sleep, others get way too little. Your sleep cycle can often get messed up leaving you tired, lethargic and out of sorts. This happens any time you are out of your usual rhythms of sleep, but then you combine this with other PMDD symptoms you can see how it make the whole situation a heck of a lot worse!

Your aim should be to normalise sleep. Get a sleeping routine going by hitting the hay at the same time every night. Also make sure there are no distractions when going to sleep – complete lack of light, noise and movement that could distract you is essential. Finding your regular sleeping patterns will give you more energy and allow the bodies healing functions to work better to fix the hormonal imbalances as well!