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PMDD Diagnostic TestI mentioned in a prior post a very helpful guide on all aspects of treating PMDD and wanted to make mention of this again. This book is an excellent guide to getting rid of PMDD because its plan of treatment for PMDD follows the same ideas I promote in this blog, but goes into a lot more detail. This guide is called the PMDD Treatment Miracle and I have decided to make it the primary resource to link to for people looking to end their Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

If you are looking for the PMDD Treatment Miracle site itself, click here

The reason I chose this as recommended reading comes down to three main points that all fit my criteria for something worth reading, and following.

1. Advocates all natural methods in a holistic, multi faceted fashion, and does not condone the usage of medication.
2. Is well written, in a step-by-step manner without overly flowery words, or overly complicated explanations. It tells you what to do, why you should be doing it, and how to do it for each aspect of a treatment for PMDD.
3. Has proof that it works through many believable testimonials on the site.

If You Do Not Apply These Treatment For PMDD Methods Properly, They Will Not Work!

treatment for pmddBut everything in this guide mirrors what I have been saying for many years and goes a lot further as well. I know these things work because I suffered from a range of menstrual related conditions including severe PMS for many years as well as ovarian cysts and I believe other conditions that all related to the same core hormonal imbalances. My sister had PCOS which has similar root causes but different genetic base reasons than PMDD and she too followed very similar advice to what this guide on Treatments for PMDD detail. I know it works, I have felt it, and so has my sister, and so have many of our friends and people I have spoken with online while giving advice.

I am not saying it will be everyone’s perfect solution to Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, but I am saying that the advice is good, it presents it very well, and it is rooted in science instead of mystic new age clap-trap. So if you like the advice I give here on treatments for PMDD and find it helpful, and you want a complete step-by-step road-map to curing PMDD for good, please take a look at this e-book as it just may be what you need…

Visit the Official PMDD Treatment Miracle Site Here

6 thoughts on “A Proven Treatment for PMDD”

  1. I am just finding out about PMDD and I think I might have it. I have had rly bad PMS for so many years now and i just lost my boyfriend who said he could nto handle it anymore. I kept crying and crying and got abusive with him and everyone else but then managed to calm down after my period started … is this what PMDD is??

  2. Hi Taylor,

    It sounds like you might have PMDD yes. There is a difference between PMS and PMDD but that difference is mainly severity more than anything new of different. To be sure you need to track your symptoms in relation to your menstrual cycle to make sure it is definitely caused by the menstrual cycle and is not another condition entirely.

    The best thing you can do now is research this to be sure. Then make sure you explain it to people round you so they are prepared and know it is a hormonal issue – not just you being nasty for no reason.

    Let me know if you have any other questions hun!

  3. Hi Jen, I have been taking anti-depressants for PMDD for a number of years but I want to stop them as they are not helping all that much with the PMDD. M questions is, just bad will it become if I stop? I am scared I will just go completely mental. I have tried to stop the drugs a few times now but chicken out … what can I do?

  4. Hi Annie,

    It can be a hard decision but my personal feelings are you should just stop. This does not mean you will change over to more natural remedies for PMDD and instantly see results. You might experience PMDD again, but if you never get off the drugs you will never be truly able to accept alternative treatments.

    Make sue you cultivate some social support before you stop the drugs I suggest. Get everything planned, do your research, make sure you know exactly what to do and when. Do all this before stopping and you will give yourself the best head start. Over time you can reduce and eliminate PMDD without the drugs and its side effects.

  5. I have been dealing w bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression for years but w in the last few years right before my period during and sometimes after I have the worst anxiety out of control moods I cnt eat my muscles are tense dizziness headaches. I literally can’t take it anymore. It’s effecting my job and my relationships. What do I do?

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